Option 3 Or Mobile Home Office

I would meet you at a convenient coffee shop on or off base, where we would interview, and run all the business from there. Home office is also available to certain customers when necessary. 

I might further contact you if more information is needed. It will take 2 to 3 business days to complete the return, once I collect and compile all documents required. 

Tax & financial planning.

Option 1 Secure File Pro

(Drake software product)

Simply send me your e-mail address through text or messenger, I would e-mail you back a secure website to exchange documents where you can upload your tax forms. I would also attach an interview worksheet which is a questionnaire you must fill out to let me know about your personal tax situation (I can also help you filling the form over the phone).


Option 2 Home Interview

I schedule an appointment at your own home where I would pick up all the tax documents and collect your tax information.